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Hi There!

I’m Jim James, an incoming third year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree in computer science with the Intelligence and Theory threads, as well as a minor in mathematics. After my undergrad, I wish to pursue a Ph.D and conduct research in the realm of machine learning or computer vision.

I am very passionate about free software and privacy, and I’m working on decreasing my dependence on proprietary services. I really enjoy astronomy and wildlife photography, which you’ll see a lot of on this site!

For astrophotography, I shoot on:

  • Telescope: Apertura AD8 Dobsonian
  • Tracking: DIY OnStep setup (Work in progress! Check for updates on blog)
  • Planetary Camera: SVBONY 305M Pro
  • DSO Camera: Sony a7R III

For wildlife photography, I shoot on my Sony a7R III with a Sony 200-600mm lens.

That aside, I like to spend my freetime cycling, (poorly) designing electronics and mechanical systems, and sometimes beating my friends in Smash as Shulk.

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